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Twin-Country Tour: Greece, South Italy, Rome & Tuscany

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13 Days of Luxury in Greece, the Amalfi Coast, Rome & Tuscany

Immerse yourself in the dreamy atmosphere of Greece and Italy on this exclusive pre-set package that sweeps you away to Athens, Santorini, the Amalfi Coast, Rome and Florence. This Europe twin-country tour begins in Greece with 1 night in the historic city of Athens, where you can discover the famous Acropolis before we whisk you to the island of Santorini. This stunning Greek island is home to charming nautical architecture defined by its white-washed villas capped by vibrant blue domes, as well as its simply idyllic sea vistas. Once you’re completely relaxed, your Europe twin-country tour will continue to Italy, with your first stop on the famous Amalfi Coast. You will have 4 nights to relax here, taking in the charming culture and absorbing the captivating sea views. As a part of your Europe vacation, we’ll treat you to guided tours of Capri and the lost city of Pompeii, ensuring you see all the local attractions. After discovering the coastal beauty of South Italy, we next take you to Rome, where you can immerse yourself in ancient history and discover iconic attractions, such as the Vatican, as well as hidden gems, such as the charming Castelli Romani villages. And then the finale of this Europe twin-country tour takes you deep into the heart of Tuscany with 2 nights in Florence. The Renaissance beauty of this city is well known and you’ll have plenty of time to see the stunning city sights or take a stroll around Florence’s cultural art galleries.

With exclusive pre-arranged tours with expert guides, accommodation and private transfers, this is the perfect Europe twin-country tour on which to discover the heart of Greek and Italian culture for an unforgettable and incredible trip among tradition, art and nature.


  • Private airport transfers and first-class train tickets included as standard
  • Internal flights included
  • Gourmet food-tasting experience in Santorini (with cooking class)
  • Capri and Anacapri tour from the Amalfi Coast
  • Day trip to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius
  • VIP guided tour of the Vatican, including the supreme Sistine Chapel
  • Spiritual tour of Rome’s secret underground catacombs
  • VIP day trip to the Castelli Romani, with lunch
  • Twilight food-tasting tour of Rome
  • Bike tour of Florence


Places visited: Athens (1 night), Santorini (2 nights), Positano (4 nights), Rome (3 nights), Florence (2 nights)

Departure dates and prices: Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures. The package prices start from $3726 per person and each package includes private transfers, first-class train tickets, accommodation (with breakfast) and pre-arranged tours and activities detailed in the itinerary (highlighted above and described below). Packages can be booked with just a 20% deposit. Please refer to the Pricing box at the bottom of the page for more information on pricing and deposits.

Flights: Please note that this package does not include flights. When purchasing your flights from your chosen airline, we recommend that you fly into Athens International Airport and fly out of Pisa International Airport. If this is not possible for you but you would still like to book this package, please contact us for a customized quote.

Best for… History & Archeology / Architecture / Relaxation / Sunshine / Coastal scenery

How to book: You can book this package safely and securely online using the box at the top of the page. Simply select the number of travelers, the star of accommodation you would like and your chosen vacation dates, and click “Book now”. You can also select to pay the full balance or just a deposit.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Step back in time with a night in Athens
This exclusive Europe twin-country tour begins in the historic city of Athens in Greece, where you can discover the thought-provoking Acropolis – an ancient citadel that overlooks Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, including the Parthenon. We will help you make the most of your time in Athens by arranging private transfers from the airport to your hotel, allowing you to waste no time in discovering the historic attractions.
What’s included: Private transfer from Athens International Airport to your hotel; accommodation in Athens

Day 2: Recline in Santorini
After just a night in Athens, this Europe twin-country tour continues to Santorini – the most exclusive of the Cyclades islands that are nestled in the sparkling Aegean Sea. This idyllic Greek island is a favorite vacation resort with celebrities and is famous for its glorious coastal vistas and laid-back lifestyle. It is the perfect place to relax, but we do recommend taking some time to explore the little alleys lined with white-washed villas and vibrant Mediterranean flowers.
What’s included: Private transfer from your hotel to Athens airport; flight from Athens to Santorini; private transfer from Santorini airport to your hotel; accommodation in Santorini

Day 3: Gourmet food-tasting experience with cooking class
On your first full day on the enchanting island of Santorini, you can treat your taste buds to a culinary island adventure on a half-day food and wine tour of Santorini. As a part of this group experience, you will taste fresh, seasonal produce at a local farm and sip local wines defined by the volcanic mineral soil of Santorini at a family wine estate. You will then visit an open-air restaurant to enjoy an authentic cooking class designed around traditional island recipes. At the end of the class, you can sit down with your new friends to enjoy a feast, with local Santorini wine. As a memory of this exclusive culinary experience, you will receive a recipe booklet so you can impress your friends and enjoy the flavors of Santorini back home.
What’s included: Group food-tasting tour and cooking class; accommodation in Santorini

Day 4: Celebrity spot on the sublime Amalfi Coast
While it’s hard to say goodbye to the island beauty of Santorini, we have a special treat for you next on this Europe twin-country tour as we take you to the exclusive resort of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. This sublime stretch of coast in South Italy is known as a celebrity hotspot, with many famous faces flocking to this sun-kissed resort on vacation. We include an internal flight between Greece and Italy as standard so you don’t have to worry about any of the travel details, allowing you to simply relax and enjoy your Europe twin-country tour.
What’s included: Private transfer from your hotel to Santorini (Thira) National Airport; flight from Santorini to Naples; private transfer from Naples Capodichino Airport to your hotel in Positano; accommodation in Positano

Day 5: Capri and Anacapri day tour
Today, you will enjoy a day exploring the picturesque and charming island of Capri, known locally as the Pearl of the Mediterranean. As a part of this group tour, you will enjoy a scenic drive along the Sorrentine coast to the port at Sorrento, where you will catch the hydrofoil to Capri. From here, your expert guide will treat you to a sublime walking tour of the attractions, including the island harbors (Marina Grande and Marina Piccola), Anacapri, the Piazzetta and Augustus’ garden. You will also be treated to one of the best views of the Faraglioni Rocks, which jut out magnificently from the crystal sea waters and are a defining natural landmark of Capri.
What’s included: Group guided tour of Capri (transfers included); accommodation in Positano

Day 6: Leisure day
This will be a full day for you to explore Positano at leisure.

Day 7: Day trip to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius
After spending some time absorbing the coastal beauty of the Amalfi Coast, today we have a different discovery for you. On a full-day group trip, you will have the opportunity to visit the lost city of Pompeii – one of the world’s most important archeological sites where you can take an unprecedented step back in time. This ancient city was destroyed following an ancient volcanic eruption, with the city being lost beneath a thick layer of ash for nearly 1500 years. When the city was rediscovered, researchers found that the ash had served to preserve the city and its unfortunate residents, and today it allows you to glance back in time to 79 AD through the careful excavations. On this day trip, you will spend two hours touring the site with an expert guide, learning more about the ancient Roman Empire and its influence on South Italy.
After a thought-provoking tour of Pompeii, this day tour will continue to Mount Vesuvius, where you will enjoy a gentle walking tour in the foothills and see volcanic craters and rare wildlife.
What’s included: Small group guided tour of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, with “skip the line” entry; accommodation in Positano

Day 8: Immerse yourself in Roman culture
After 4 nights relaxing on the Amalfi Coast, today you will travel by high-speed train to the Eternal City of Rome – a place where you can admire famous landmarks, such as the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. We will arrange for a driver to greet you at Rome stattion and take you to your centrally located hotel, where you will have some time to settle in. Then, our private guide will come to meet you and take you on a wonderful journey to the world’s smallest sovereign state and one of the most important stretches of land in Western history as you cross the border into Vatican City. Start your adventure at the door of St Peter’s Basilica, one of the largest religious buildings in the world and a crowning example of Renaissance architecture, where, once inside, you can discover spectacular art from Michelangelo and Bernini. After enjoying the delights of St Peter’s, you’ll enter the Vatican Museums, which are filled with rare artefacts and priceless masterpieces, including ancient Greek statues and Renaissance frescoes that are simply waiting for you to discover them. At this point you may feel that the Vatican couldn’t get any more glorious, but we have saved a grand finale! As you cast your gaze to the heavens you will witness the unmatched genius of Michelangelo and his sensational Sistine Chapel. This is a building unlike anything else on Earth, so be sure to take some time to savor it as your detailed private tour of the Vatican comes to an unforgettable end!
After free time for lunch, your spiritual experience in Rome continues with a private guided tour of “Underground Rome”, allowing you to visit some of the most important catacombs of the ancient city. As a part of this special and thought-provoking experience, you will visit Cripta dei Cappuccini, Basilica of St Clement and the Catacombs of St Callixtus. These are the spiritual sites where many Christian martyrs and Catholic popes rest, allowing you to feel a deep connection to your faith.
What’s included: Private transfer from your hotel to Naples station; first-class train ticket; private transfer from Rome station to your hotel; private guided tour of Vatican City and “Underground Rome” (4 hours); accommodation in Rome

Day 9: VIP Castelli Romani trip
After the thought-provoking tours of yesterday, today we will immerse you in the lush beauty of the Castelli Romani, which are charming hilltop villages found in the countryside around Rome. On this unforgettable full-day trip you will visit Castel Gandolfo, which is one of the most authentic of the villages in Lazio and a place where you can discover the true face of Roman culture. The village overlooks Lake Albano, assuring you can enjoy sublime natural scenery and feel completely relaxed. This Rome day tour then ends in Frascati, which is famous for its cusine and wine. Here, you will enjoy a typical lunch in a local restaurant and have some free time to relax and visit the attractions of this enchanting town.
What’s included: Private guided tour of the Castelli Romani with lunch; accommodation in Rome

Day 10: Twilight food-tasting tour of Rome
After a morning to relax and enjoy Rome, in the afternoon, you will see the delicious side of Rome on a guided food-themed walking tour. As a part of this group culinary experience, you will explore the neighborhood of Monti, part of the historical center but a place that few tourists know about. With your expert guide, you will stroll the cobblestone streets, popping into pizza-by-the-slice hotspots and enjoying wood-fired oven pizza at authentic eateries. You will also have the chance to sample Roman snacks and drinks, and learn about the history of this untouched neighborhood.
What’s included: Group food tour (3 hours); accommodation in Rome

Day 11: Discover jewels of the Renaissance in Florence
From the history of Rome, we take you to the Renaissance of Florence by high-speed train, allowing you to admire the Italian scenery during your stress-free journey. On arrival in Florence, you will have some time to relax at your central hotel before we take you on a gentle cycling tour of this beautiful city’s Renaissance gems. As a part of this group bike tour, you will see the historic center, the Cathedral, the National Archeological Museum, the Spedale degli Innocenti and much more. Bike rental, helmet and padlock, plus a hotel pick-up and drop-off, are included as standard.
What’s included: Private transfer from your hotel to Rome station; first-class train ticket; private transfer from Florence station to your hotel; group guided bike tour of Florence (3 hours); accommodation in Florence

Day 12: Leisure day
This will be a full day for you to explore Florence at leisure.

Day 13: And so your dream Europe twin-country tour reaches its end
The morning sees you leaving Italy on your flight from Pisa International Airport back home. The sights, sounds, tastes and experiences of the past weeks will no doubt flood over you as you enjoy the luxury of a private transfer to the airport, leading you to smile in remembrance of times past and to plan for your inevitable return visit!
What’s Included: Private transfer from your hotel to Pisa International Airport


How to book: You can book this package safely and securely online using the box at the top of the page. Simply select the number of travelers, the star of accommodation you would like and your chosen vacation dates, and click “Book now”. You can also select to pay the full balance or just a deposit. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about this twin-country tour, please call our friendly team members at (347)-594-5500 or click here to send us an inquiry.

Please note that the Vatican Museums in Rome are closed on Sundays and religious holidays. In the case of unavailability, alternate itinerary options will be offered.

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