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Sicilian Sunshine Tour: Palermo, Catania & Cefalu



10 Days Relaxing in the Sicilian Sunshine of Palermo, Catania and Cefalu

Sicily is the gloriously sunny island that sits off the “toe” of mainland Italy and is famous for its unbelievably fresh seafood, fragrant citrus groves, relaxing atmosphere and unique cultural charm. This Sicilian Sunshine Tour allows you to discover the best of the island with stops in Palermo and Catania, which are the icons of Sicily, where you can discover glorious architecture and sunny coastline promenades. It also features four days absorbing the sunshine in the stunning beach resort of Cefalu, where you can explore sandy island coves, secret grottoes and take in sublime sea views that will captivate your heart. With pre-arranged tours, accommodation and private transfers, this is the perfect tour on which to relax and immerse yourself in glorious sunshine while taking in epic coastal views and reviving Mediterranean Sea air.

Trip Highlights

  • Cooking class in Palermo
  • Thrilling Mount Etna tour from Catania
  • Tour of the sites made famous by the Godfather movies
  • Wine-tasting tour to Relais Santa Anastasia
  • Relaxing Aeolian Islands boat tour

Trip Information at a Glance

Places visited: Palermo (2 nights), Catania (3 nights), Cefalu (4 nights)
Note that this itinerary is flexible, meaning you can change the number of nights and locations visited to suit your needs.

Departure dates and prices: Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures, allowing you to choose your preferred departure date. Prices start from $5499 per person, and vary with the season and star of accommodation.

Best for… Sicilian culture / Sunshine / Beaches / Mountain scenery / Architecture

Detailed itinerary

Palermo: Palermo is the capital of Sicily and is rich in history, with Baroque architecture to discover, as well as glorious palaces, cathedrals, art galleries. It is also home to a vibrant market, which is know for its colorful fruits and vegetables, and fresh seafood. Thanks to its modern atmosphere and charming attractions, Palermo was selected as the Italian Capital of Culture for 2018, an accolade that is shining a light on this delightful Sicily vacation resort. As the first stop on your Sicily custom tour, in Palermo you can relax in the luxury of a boutique hotel and explore the city’s famous culture. To allow you to discover Sicilian cuisine in a fun setting, we can arrange a cooking class for you with an award-winning chef, allowing you to learn how to make iconic Sicilian dishes, such as caponata and parmigiana.

Catania: This vibrant city sits on the east coast of Sicily and its scenery is dominated by the glorious Mount Etna, which is one of Italy’s active volcanoes that frequently puts on a spectacular light show for the locals and tourists. But don’t worry! The lava is slow moving and follows a safe trail down the mountain away from the towns and villages, meaning you can enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery and panoramic views of the cityscape in complete safety on a thrilling day tour of Etna with a professional mountain guide.

Meanwhile, away from the mountain and in the heart of the city, you can discover the delights of modern-day Catania, which is flourishing and bustles with Sicilian life and vibrant Mediterranean energy. You will surely not be surprised that the city and its surrounding villages have served as a backdrop for several Hollywood movies over the years, and as a part of this custom tour, you will have the unique opportunity to join a guided tour of the unspoiled Sicilian hilltop towns made famous by Coppola’s famous Godfather Trilogy – certainly the perfect treat for any Coppola movie fan!

Cefalu: This picturesque fishing village is located on the north coast and enjoys a sublime position overlooking the Tyrrenian Sea with a rocky backdrop, known as the Rocca, which creates a charmingly quaint coastal atmosphere. The Old Town is full of character, with boutique shops and hidden alleyways that you can explore and lose yourself in, perhaps discovering some of the village’s rare medieval buildings. After relaxing on the beach, why not let us treat you to wine tasting at the Abbey of Santa Anastasia (Relais Santa Anastasia), where you can discover the ancient wine cellars lined with wood barrels and sample exquisite Litra wine. As a part of your personalized Sicily tour you can also enjoy a boat tour of the Aeolian Islands, which are a group of volcanic islands famed for their beautiful scenery and natural landscapes. We can’t think of a better way to end your relaxing sunshine tour of Sicily!


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Trip Itinerary at a Glance
Day 1-3: Palermo - Fun cooking class with a professional chef - Free time to explore the unique charm of the Sicilian capital Day 3-6: Catania - Free time to explore the beautiful architecture of this cultural city - Thrilling day tour to Mount Etna - Guided tour of the Godfather Movie sites Day 6-10: Cefalu - Free time to relax on the beach - Wine tasting in Relais Santa Anastasia - Relaxing boat tour of the Aeolian Islands
Prices start from just $5499 per person

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