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Italy & the UK: London & Rome Twin-City Tour



10 Day Tour Featuring the Best of the UK and Italy

Our multi-city tour of the UK and Italy includes the iconic cities of London and Rome and also features day trips to other British and Italian resorts, such as Cambridge in the UK and Pompeii in Italy. This customizable tour package allows you to discover famous archeological sites such as the Colosseum, as well as the city chic that can only be found in London, where you can marvel at historic buildings and immerse yourself in the royal atmosphere of the UK capital. With pre-arranged tours, accommodation and private transfers, this is the perfect tour on which to discover the best of the UK and Italy.

Trip Highlights

  • VIP guided tour of ancient Rome, including the Colosseum and Roman Forum
  • Tour of Rome’s ancient catacombs and crypts
  • VIP Vatican Museums tour, including the Sistine Chapel
  • Day trip from Rome to ancient Pompeii
  • Afternoon tea in a luxury hotel in London
  • Private guided tour of London’s iconic attractions
  • Day trip to Cambridge, the quintessential UK university town

Trip Information at a Glance

Places visited: Rome (5 nights), London (4 nights)
Note that this itinerary is flexible, meaning you can change the number of nights and locations visited to suit your needs.

Departure dates and prices: Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures, allowing you to choose your preferred departure date. Prices start from $6299 per person, and vary with the season and star of accommodation.

Detailed itinerary

Rome: Start your UK and Italy tour in the ancient city of Rome, where you can explore world-famous sites such as the Colosseum and Roman Forum on our VIP ancient Rome tour, which grants you rare access to the protected ruins. You will also have the opportunity to glance back in time with a guided tour of Rome’s famous catacombs, which are eerie ancient tombs beneath the city, where you can see historic frescoes and learn about Rome’s Christian past. You will also be treated to a special guided tour of the Vatican with a historian, who will tell you all the secrets of this spiritual part of the city before taking you to see the wonderful Sistine Chapel. As a finale to your stay in Rome you will enjoy a fascinating day trip to Pompeii – the ancient city on Italy’s south coast that lay hidden beneath a blanket of ash for nearly 2000 years following an ancient volcanic eruption. The ash served to preserve the city in immaculate detail giving you the rare and unique opportunity to see what Italian life was like so many years ago.

London: After soaking up the ancient sights in Rome, you will be treated to 5 days in the iconic city of London, where you will immediately enjoy the luxury of the city atmosphere with afternoon tea, including cakes and cucumber sandwiches, at a luxury London hotel. We will also treat you to a special guided tour of the historic sights, including Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, although it can be tailored so that you see the parts of London that most intrigue you. There will also be plenty of time to discover the hidden city sights as we include hop-on/hop-off bus tour tickets in the package, allowing you to discover the city at your own pace. Once you have enjoyed the vibrancy of London it is time to recline on an enjoyable day trip to Cambridge, the world-famous university town that sits north of London. Here you can discover gothic architecture on a guided city tour that takes you passed the famous university buildings, including the glorious King’s College. There could even be time for a spot of punting along the River Cam and perhaps a picnic on the river bank – whatever you want from your Rome and London vacation we can deliver!

Best for… Culture / Cityscapes / Leisure / History & Archeology / Architecture

As specialists in tailor-made vacations, we have the unique ability to customize our multi-city tours to suit our clients’ needs. If you want to amend the number of nights in any destination or change the itinerary or activities, that’s no problem! Please call our friendly team members at (347)-594-5500 or click here to send us an inquiry and start your adventure in the European sunshine today!

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Trip Itinerary at a Glance
Day 1-6: Rome - Free day on arrival - Private guided tour of ancient Rome, including the Colosseum and Roman Forum - Tour of Rome's ancient catacombs and crypts - VIP tour of the Vatican Museums - Day trip from Rome to ancient Pompeii - Flight to London (first or business class available) Day 6-10: London - Afternoon tea on arrival at a luxury hotel - Guided tour of all the main sights - Hop-on/hop-off bus tour ticket - Day trip to Cambridge, with a guided tour - Private transfer to a London airport for your flight home
Prices start from just $6299 per person

If you would like a customized package deal quote, please call one of our dedicated team members at (347) 594-5500 or click here to send us an inquiry.

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