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Italy Ancestry Tour: Discover Your Roots



10 Days Discovering Your Personal Heritage and Ancestry with this Customized Tour

Our unique and personalized ancestry tour takes you on a journey of your family history, allowing you to visit the Italian cities where your ancestors once lived. It is a fascinating way to discover your heritage and understand your family history, while also enjoying the glorious sights that Italy is famous for. This tour is completely customized to you as an individual and your family roots. We can arrange stops in, or visits to, any Italian city, and we can pre-arrange tours, accommodation and private transfers so that you can relax and look forward to seeing the sights that your forefathers once gazed upon.

Trip Highlights

  • Customized service – we tailor the vacation to YOU
  • VIP guided tours of the major attractions
  • Day excursion to archeological sites

Trip Information at a Glance

Places visited: Flexible to your family history and the locations you would like to visit; however, if you have never been to Italy before, then we would recommend seeing the major cities, such as Rome, Florence and Venice, as a part of your trip.

Departure dates and prices: Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures, allowing you to choose your preferred departure date. Prices vary with the cities you would like to visit, the season and the star of accommodation. Please contact us for a personalized quotation.

Detailed itinerary

Customized Service: We offer a personalized and tailor-made service, meaning that we can create a vacation to Italy that is designed by one of our travel experts especially for you, so that you can travel to the cities that your ancestors came from. It is a wonderful way to discover your heritage and understand your family culture, and also gives you the opportunity to discover iconic attractions in Italy, such as the Colosseum in Rome or St Mark’s Square in Venice. As well as airport transfers, transfer between cities and accommodation, we can also arrange tours, activities and excursions so that you can make the most of your time and see the best that Italy has to offer.

Best for… Discovering your roots and family history

As specialists in tailor-made vacations, we have the unique ability to customize our multi-city tours to suit our clients’ needs. If you want to amend the number of nights in any destination or change the itinerary or activities, that’s no problem! Please call our friendly team members at (347)-594-5500 or click here to send us an inquiry and start your discovery today!

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What's Possible
Our Customized Service: - Private airport transfers - Luxury train transfers or car transfers between cities - Car hire - Accommodation, including hotels and self-catering villas - Private guided tours - Small-group excursions, such as wine-tasting tours - Fun activities, such as hot-air balloon rides and cooking classes We offer all of the above and much more as part of our customized service!
Prices start from just $5999 per person

If you would like a customized package deal quote, please call one of our dedicated team members at (347) 594-5500 or click here to send us an inquiry.

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