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Merano or Meran, as it is commonly known, is most likely the vacation of choice for a comforting, captivating and indulging experience. Merano is a town and commune which is located in South Tyrol, in northern Italy. Merano is situated within a basin surrounded by mountains standing up to 3,335 meters or 10,942 feet above sea level at the entrance to the Passeier Valley and the Vinschgau. Many tourists visit Merano throughout the year because it is best known for its castles, hotels and for activities such as canoeing, winter sports and horse racing. Merano has been a popular place of residence for several scientists, literates and artists such as Franz Kafka, Ezra Pound and Paul Lazarsfeld. With Merano in mind, one’s experience should be a must have. Nestled in a Merano vacation is lots of sightseeing, things to do and places to go.

One would not be able to make a holiday as fun and entertaining as it should be, without the great taste of food and wines. The area is well known for its red and white wines, whose vineyards extend right into the town. The local wine called Meraner Leiten or Meranese di collina is a light red wine. There are also extensive orchards and apples are exported throughout Europe. The Forst Brewery on the edge of the town of Merano produces a popular range of beers and are sold all through the northern Italy.

Two of Merano’s principal churches are The St. Nicholas’ Church and the St. Barbara’s Chapel. These churches go as far back as to the 15th century. The church has been dedicated to Saint Nicholas, who is the patron saint of the town. One can find the St. Nicholas’ Church at the end of the Laubengasse in the old town center between the Domplatz and Pfarrplatz. Several wooden sculptures of saints and paintings which come from different time periods can be found at this church. The St. Barbara’s Chapel or The Chapel of St. Barbara can be found right behind the St. Nicholas’ Church in Merano. In 1450, it was constructed by an architect named Hans von Burghausen. Moreover, outside the town is the Trauttmansdorff Castle and its gardens. This is where the Touriseum, a museum of tourism lies. Since in 2001, the surrounding grounds have been named and opened as the Trauttmansdorff Castle Gardens, a botanical garden. The gardens are open daily in the warmer months. There are no admission fees to enter the garden. Merano is a very famous and attractive tourist destination mostly for Germans and Italians. In summer, there are concerts on the promenade almost every day. Tone can have fine walks around the town and in the surrounding hills and also take part in skiing in the winter time.

There are many famous people known to Merano. Some of them include Rudolf Stingel, Irene Galter, Franciszka Arnsztajnowa, Oswald Menghin and Hans Andersag. Rudolf Stingel is an artist in New York, but was born in Merano. Conceptual painting and installations are his line of art work creation. He uses readily available materials such as styrofoam, carpet, and cast polyurethane to produce art. Irene Galter was born on 16 September 1931. Her original name is Irene Patuzzi. She is an Italian former film and television actress. She was part of the cast of several films including 100 Years of Love, Empty Eyes, Falsehood and Love and Troubles.

As with many distinct activities, every September, the Gran Premio Merano takes place in the Maia Racecourse. This is the most famous Italian distance horse race. It is usually held in Pferderennplatz Meran in Meran, Italy. In addition to other sporting events, handball is one of the most successful games in Italy. It is also winner of the scudetto in the year 2005.

With all these and more, Merano is the place to be. Get to know more about these notable people and search the history of Merano through their works. Come visit the natural beauty of the botanical garden in Merano. Go canoeing, skiing and do so much more, all just with one trip in Merano. This is all made possible with the staff at Bellarome travel agency. Do not feel left out. They cater to novice as well as experienced travelers throughout all walks of life. Trust these experts with more than 20 years’ experience in the travel industry, to handle all vacation arrangements. They completely understand that every client is different and so are their needs. They provide for honeymoons, weddings, fun, adventurous activities, whatever the vacation may be. Request a free online quote beforehand, to know the prices for the type of destination tours and activities required. Also, subscribe to their newsletter to receive more pertinent information on destinations, discounts on prices and so much more. The offices are located in the USA and UK. So pack up the bags and get ready for a trip to Merano. Bring the entire family along. Tell friends about all the exciting and fun things to do in Merano. Taking a vacation whether for a week, a month or just for a day can bring much relief and relaxation to the mind, body and spirit. Choose Merano and make the experience an unforgettable one.

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